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Who we are

and what we want


We love building themes that make your life easier. So you can spend less time on your website, and more on doing what you love.


6 things you’ll get with all our themes.

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Full Documentation

Maybe you’re the kind of person who reads the manual, and maybe you’re not. Either way, all of our themes come with clear & extensive documentation.

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Quick & Easy Setup

Our themes are designed to make your life a little easier. That’s why they’re all quick and easy to setup. Leaving you more time to do what you do.

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Coding Best Practices

Our themes are built on the latest technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3. We take great care in writing clean, semantic code, with SEO in mind and the desire for the best performance possible.

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Regular Updates

We know how important it is to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends. That’s why we offer regular & free updates for all of our themes.

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Beautifully Designed

The design is not just how it looks, but how it works. We take great care in the details, the final result is an original, beautiful and flexible theme.

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Outstanding Support

We pride ourselves on timely, helpful and professional support. So, if you have any pre-sales questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.


Swift Ideas was founded on the belief that theme buyers should have the same cutting-edge functionality and attention to detail that high-end bespoke websites offer. Over the last few years we’ve established an international reputation for creating clean, elegant themes that offer an incredible selection of ground-breaking features that are supported with dedication.

Ed Cousins
— Founder & Technical Director

Ed took an interest in Web Design & Development from an early age, creating websites for friends and family from the age of fourteen. An avid Arsenal fan, Ed also enjoys playing a round of golf and walking his dogs Pepe and Boo. He lives in Tunbridge Wells and spends most of his time coding like a genius / cleaning his son’s puke off his macbook pro.

[email protected]

Kristian Klamar
— Partner & Creative Director

Reformed former corporate prostitute and unashamed beard wearer, Kristian spends most of his time indulging his obsession for all things design. When he’s not doing that he likes to draw portraits, buy minimalist trainers and annually taking part in the nightmare that is Tough Guy. He lives in West London.

[email protected]